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[MISC] Need major lag and texture pop in fix

  • I have a low end laptop and I need a mod to fix lag and disappearing textures like buildings and roads. My CPU goes up to 99%. I know there is the Re-Sized mod but so far it hasnt helped much maybe with the FPS. Does anything think a external SSD would help me any? Thanks!

  • @AmandaDover Model number?

  • Dude you have monster PC. I have a potato AMD APU 8gb memory (Installed) I know I need a high priced gaming rig so dont tell me something I already know. Just wanna know if someone could make a mod that would help out and I wanna know if a external SSD would help or not.

  • Im on Points2Shop and gonna save up points to finally get a laptop for gaming thats strong enough. What laptop would you suggest? i5 or?

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