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Car Replacing Not Working

  • Every time I download a car replace/add on and I try to replace it, I follow the exact steps through OpenIV, everyone says it should be simple and done but every single time I load into GTA the cars are back to normal. I click on the files and it shows the car (a Hellcat for example) in the ytd fragment file. I replace the Gauntlet files with a Hellcat version and the size of the file goes up as well as the model changing when I view the file, but whenever I launch the game and go find a gauntlet, its always back to the normal one. I've tried going through x64e files, going through the newest updated versions of the game, I've tried almost every video on youtube and for some reason every time I get into the game it doesn't show up. NOTE: the files don't change either, if I launch GTA and the car isn't there, I quit GTA and look at the file again and it still shows the correct file size as well as a Hellcat model, but it doesn't show up in game.

    Sorry if this is confusing but I've dedicated my entire Saturday to this and nothing has worked so far lol

    Thanks in advance for the help!


    install the vehicle files into your most recent patchday folder in dlcpacks. also, this shouldn't be in site-related questions and feedback, @Global-Moderators will be able to move it for you

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