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Hulk Mod by JulioNIB Infinite Loading

  • Hi, i'm running the latest GTA V (1.0.1365.1), latest OpenIV, ScriptHookV, and ScriptHookVDotNet2.

    So, i don't know when and what cause this infinite loading. It happens maybe after i update my windows 10, idk either. It works perfectly fine before. The loading happens when i try to change into Hulk. I still be able to spawn Hulk enemy. I have tried to "reinstall" it, replacing the dll with the other from the flash mod and iron man mod which has the same name, and the problem is still exist. The other JulioNIB mods work perfectly fine.

    Mods im using atm :

    • Hulk mod
    • Iron man mod
    • Flash mod
    • Euphoria Ragdoll
    • Enable MP cars in SP
    • FOV mod, and
    • Simple trainer

    Those mods are on their latest version.

    And these are the models i use for the flash, ironman, and hulk mod :

    • CW the flash DLC v1.5
    • Hammer Drone by JulioNIB
    • Mini Hulk Buster by JulioNIB
    • War Machine by JulioNIB
    • Mark III by JulioNIB
    • Abomination WIP model by JulioNIB
    • Hulk WIP model by JulioNIB
    • Hulk retexture by Rarefacer v2

    These are the logs :

    Edit 1:
    I replace all the files in my modded GTA with my original GTA, no effects.

    Edit 2:
    I reinstall all my mods after replacing all my files, still no effects.

    Edit 3:
    Have been trying to use this gameconfig.xml, again... no effects.

    Edit 4:
    I just tried to mod a fresh copy of GTA with the hulk mod, and the infinite loading still occured :(

  • You'll have to contact JulioNIB about it. Since he puts his mods behind a paywall not many of us can help.

  • @Jitnaught aaa.. okay then, thank you :)

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