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What do I wrong? [Addon mods]

  • Hi all!

    I decided to mod my GTA. I have tried adding a mod for a week but still there's no effects.

    At first I installed the mod but I forgot about gameconfig. The game ran normally but of course didn't see the mod. When I wanted to fix my mistake and I replaced the gameconfig, the game didn't work. I don't know what is wrong. I try following the instructions but the game don't see the mod or crash.

    1. I downloaded and replaced the lastest gameconfig.
    2. Then I put the mod in mods folder (mods/update/etc.)
    3. Next, I run OpenIV and change the dlclist.xml according to instructions.
    4. Replacing the dlclist.xml
    5. And now everything should work fine but the game crashes.

    Did I something wrong? Did I forget about something important?

    I add I use Social Club version not Steam. I don't know if this's important.

    I have got ScriptHookVNET, ScriptHookV, OpenIV. I downloaded everything from this website. The gameconfig which I use: https://pl.gta5-mods.com/misc/gta-5-gameconfig-300-cars . The mod which I wanted to install: https://pl.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2000-daewoo-lanos-add-on-tuning-rims-animated-official-convert .

    In addition to the listed things I have got NativeTrainer and MenyooTrainer but I'm sure those tools don't collide with addons.

    I'm asking for help because none of tutorials can't help me with my problem.

    I hope I wrote the post understandable because English isn't my native language :) .


    @Adr3r show me your dlclist file


    try using dilapidated's game config.

  • Is it this?


    Are you sure? It looks dilapidated's game config was updated a long time ago, in February 2018. The game has got some updates since this time.


    I checked it but still crash.

  • @Adr3r
    What crash are you suffering from? When does it happen? (loading the game or once the game has loaded? Car spawned? etc. Does it say anything or just CTD (Crash To Desktop)?
    Also, can you confirm that if you remove the '<Item>dlcpacks:\darewnoo_lanos</Item>' line from 'dlclist.xml' that your game works perfectly afterwards?

    I installed the 2000 Daewoo Lanos* [Add-On/Replace | Tuning | Rims | Liveries | Template | Animated] 1.1 add-on to test it & got a 'game memory error' & 'a new guard page for the stack cannot be created' error & crash within ~10secs of spawning the 'lanos3'.
    I reloaded the game a few times but the same thing happened. I removed the add-on & everything went back to 100% stable.
    Yes, there is a possiblity of some sort of conflict with something else I have edited or installed & I'm presuming that they work for some people but I would put my money on the fact that the mod is unstable.
    I removed all the 'Zabrania-sie.txt' & 'Forbidden-to.txt' files that littered the dlc & cleaned up the start of the 'carcols.meta', removed the wheels & the upgrades (all 255 of them per car which is right on the limit of what is possible & never a good idea where GTA is concerned!) & set the statmod paramaters within spec (engine upgrade was set 14x higher than standard. How fast are these cars?! :slight_smile:) but it made no difference. It crashed after spawning every time.
    I thought I would test out the replace versions (Blista, Asea, Dilettante) & can confirm that they work correctly (no crashes), although there is no tuning/upgrades with them.
    I then used the replace versions to overwrite the add-on versions but got a 'ERR_FILL_PACK_3' error & infinite loading & gave up.
    With a little more time commited to getting the replace versions to work as add-ons you might be able to get them working but I wouldn't bother. Just forget them & move on to something else, make do with the replace versions or perhaps wait & see if the mod is updated at some point.
    There are enough warning signs just in the way the '.meta' files are written (nevermind the mod having a total of 765 upgrades!) to suggest that these cars will play havok with your game (random intermittent crashes etc) many years into the future & I suggest that no car is worth that. Sorry.
    If you do however have the tenacity to continue to try & get them to work I wish you the best of luck :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

  • The game crashes at the start, I see black screen (and Windows' notification about recording) and after the moment I see SocialClub's window with information about crash (and I can choose safe mode or close the window). I also tried safe mode but no effects.

    When I remove the '<Item>dlcpacks:\darewnoo_lanos</Item>' line from 'dlclist.xml' from 'dlclist.xml' the game sitll not working. On both custom gameconfigs. However if I use the default 'update.rpf' from the game without mods, I have got the crash too. I think custom gameconfigs broke the game. Later, I'll try delete GTA with mods and I'll copy clean version for mods again.

    So, I'll start all over again. Can you recommend a car addon mod (if you use but I think you use :) ) which works perfectly with your game? I want to chceck if the safe mod'll work.

    Anyway thank you for interest in the topic.

  • @Adr3r
    No probs :thumbsup:
    I would empty your 'mods' folder completely & check that the game works on it's own before proceeding to install any gameconfigs or add-ons.
    Once you've done that, copy over 'update.rpf' to the 'mods\update' folder & install a gameconfig to here:


    If you are on 1.0.1365.1 I would choose one of the first two in that gameconfig list (F7YO's or [YCA] SCRAT's). If you're on an older version of the game try this one (it's what I have installed & it's very stable. I'm on 1.0.1180.2).
    Then load the game & check everything is working as it should. It's very unlikely a gameconfig broke your game. I've found the most popular & frequently updated ones to be very stable so I reckon something else must have gone wrong. Sometimes .rpf archives or the files they contain can just corrupt from you simply just editing them. That's why it is so important to have good backup strategy. If you have the hard drive space I advocate backing up the entire .rpf as this means the least amount of work if something goes wrong.
    Once you have a custom gameconfig installed & your game is confirmed to still work move on & install this Dodge Coronet Super Bee add-on to your 'mods' folder. It has an .oiv installer which will install the car & add the '<Item>dlcpacks:\bee</Item>' line to your 'dlclist.xml' for you, which will keep the whole process very simple & easy. :thumbsup: No need for you to do anything else other than load up the game after & test spawning the car using the name 'bee'.
    See how you get on with that & get back to us here if you have any trouble :thumbsup:

  • Now, it works! Really thank you, you're great! :D

    So, that Daewoo had to be broken or I did something wrong before.

  • @Adr3r
    Yeah, that's what I would say. Could have been a conflict between multiple mods too. Some things just don't play nice together. Glad you got it working though :thumbsup:
    Just take your time when installing mods, check the game still works as you install each one & always, ALWAYS make sure you have a current up-to-date backup of the files/.rpf archives you edit/mod so that recovery is always just one step away. :thumbsup: Best of luck :slight_smile:

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