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Mod idea - offroad mud car meet

  • I'm writing out my another idea for mod, which I think people will like a lot, because I don't know create mods so maybe someone would like to create it.

    It's Offroad car's meet.

    We have lot of good car meet mods but no one focused only for people who most like offroads. Meet would be somewhere at mud place, where will be few offroad cars.


    Most amazing to see will be version based on another existing mods where you can put some nonoffroad car(s) which will be stucked in mud (everyone who is visiting meets know that people who act like hero and then fail). One offroad car will based on working winch mod pull out that nonoffroad noob out of the mud - one person will be outside of car and "will be setting winch on the right place" to don't need many action from peds and still look cool.

    I think that mode is not neccesary but with it will be more realistic, because you can enter that offroad and pull car out of mud by yourself.

    Recommended mode for this except winch will be mud stuck mod by @Impactjunky :


    I hope it will be inspiration for people who are creating mods and maybe soon will see that mod up and of course I will immediately download and test it (:

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