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Question for moderator/admins.

  • So I was chatting with the AnonymousModder187 guy that created the 6 door truck and lifted 06 Chevy. I looked back at his posts they were removed for “copyright” reasons he said. A guy he used to dev with took his trucks, but they both filed a copyright for there cars. And the other guy, I don’t know who. He keeps showin the moderators his name on the copyright and erases AnonymousModder187’s name. So basically his friend is trying take away 187’s right to post the trucks on 5mods. 187 said he showed the mods that the copyright has both of their names on it, but they don’t believe him. They believe the other guy with only his name on it. I asked to see if 187 would send me a photo of the copyright file, I haven’t go it yet I will update this post when I get it. Is there anyway that you can help him to get his posts back and believe him?
    Screenshot 1
    Screenshot 2
    Screenshot 3

  • @DamenH (just a minor note, screenshot 2 and 3 are the same, was that intentional?)

    This seems pretty fucking scandalous and I'm hoping to hear soon what the moderators have to say about the matter.

  • Should b fixed now

  • Is there any way i can get his disc? I have a question for him

  • @Dxnzer047 Damen H.#3709

  • Just added you

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