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Sheriff's cars replacement help - ELS

  • Hi guys,

    I finally took the time to install LSPDFR with the ELS.

    Working well, no troubles.

    However, I'm quite picky with cars and I would like to set up the replacement as I wish, mostly for the sheriffs cars.

    For the sheriff one, I really want to replace the Sheriff Cruiser by a 2014 Dodge Charger (or older, no the new model though which is better for the city).

    --> Most of packs or single models are dedicated for the police2 slot. The only models I found closed to my request are the 2015/2016 Dodge Charger into the sheriff2 slot.

    However, as I said, I prefer to keep the 2015/2016 Dodge Charger in police2 slot and keep the Tahoe for the sheriff2.

    And I know that simply replacing, the Sheriff Cruiser by a model not basically dedicated to this slot will be weird.

    Did some of you make this kind replacement and if yes, how ?

    I know that I have to tweak some meta files (vehicle.meta / carvariation.meta) but I don't know how and where exactly should I find these files to apply the right modifications.

    Hope I could find some help here ! Didn't find until now with the LSPDFR website...

    Thank you in advance for any advice !

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