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Nothing is Working Right :((

  • Hay I am trying to install the mods as replacement instead as add ons and Nothing is working at all I just finish doing three mods to replace and they do not work and when I try to spawn cretin cars they do not spawn is the there gonna be an update soon for ASI and Open IV

  • @G1Convoy Do the original GTA cars spawn instead of the car you installed or the cars aren't spawning at all?

  • use the search tool within openiv and search for whatever vehicle you're replacing. There are often 2 or 3 folders containing the same car. Replace ALL of them. For example sheriff.ytd is in 2 places. x64e (I think it's E) and inside a patchday folder. The Infernus and futo are other cars placed into 2 folders.

  • Nothing Works I done everything to the Letter and nothing spawns I think it might be the OPEN IV it self becuase everything works fine but when it upgraded to 2.8 nothing

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