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GTA 5 don't start with asi loader

  • when i put the file dinput8.dll "ASI Loader" in the game folder, the game does not start.
    On steam it says the game is started but instead it is not started.
    can you help me ??

  • @IlGab23

    Uninstall OpenIV & all of it's .asi plugins then redownload it (preferably from a different place than you got it last) & then reinstall OpenIV & it's plugins. If you have no luck with that @TheLoneWolf293 gives some good advice that you can follow here ( post 8 ).
    If still no luck post your 'asiloader.log', 'OpenIV.log', 'ScriptHookV.log' & 'ScriptHookVDotNet2.log' (you can use Pastebin & post the links here) :thumbsup:

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