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Gangs can call reinforcements MOD IDEA!

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    So, i just wanted to know if there's a mod that makes Gang members, merryweather call reinforcements when attacked. They spawn in gang car (vagos,ballas,merryweather etc) with 2 men inside and if the gang is a private military then instead of getting a wanted star, you get chased around with merryweather.
    But if it's a street gang you attacked, there is a 20% chance maybe that they will send a backup car to cover them, or call the cops.

    I hope you liked my idea!

    P.S If there isn't one, i would be happy if someone made it ;)

  • It's a very interesting concept and sounds fun. Your actions having different kinds of consequences. Attacking the wrong gang leads to start of a hard to win war with new enemy peds spawning.
    It would make gameplay feel more dynamic and realistic. I haven't checked all "war mods" and don't know if this exists already. But if I ever get to work on such mod again, I will for sure consider incorporate this idea into it.

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    @R3QQ yeah, but if you gonna make such mod, i would probably want it like this:

    Gang reinforcements are spawned same as cops/military. This means some gangs may have a helicopter and spawn roadblocks.

    Gang weapons are controlled by loadouts.meta. Which for example, mercenaries carry carbine rifles (unless user has a modified loadouts.meta.)


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