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Need help with OpenIV finding the gta5.exe

  • I needed to reinstall GTA 5 and OpenIV on my desktop. The problem is when I open up OpenIV it says it can't find the GTA5.exe in the folder that is selected. The issue is When I click on the folder I can see the GTA.exe and stuff in that folder but it does not show up when I try to choose the file in OPENIV it only shows three folders and that is it but when I open up the location it shows everything. This is a disk version of the game and not steam and it's not a pirated or cracked version.


    @truffleshuffle the open iv box doesn’t show the .exe because it’s not telling you to select the file. It’s telling you to select the folder it’s in then choose use folder or whatever it says

  • @Reacon said in Need help with OpenIV finding the gta5.exe:

    ecause it’s not telling you to select the

    It is telling me that the folder its in does not contain the file but I know it does. As I went into the file and it's there. that is what I meant. Its been a long night

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