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Slow loading textures and lag mystery

  • I have highly modified gta5 and all mods worked perfect. Today I reinstalled windows 10 then installed gta and all the same mods. All game settings set the same, amd settings set the same. Everything is exactly the same as it was in previous windows but game started lagging a bit and textures started loading really slow specially when driving fast you can see roads dissapearing and all that... So what could be the problem? I can't find any logical explanation. Maybe windows version that I had before was older or something? I remember having the same lags when I used Self Radio with my music but now I don't use it so wtf??? I also noticed that my processor works about 100% when playing
    EDIT: just removed all mods and it's the same. So this is not modding problem, what else could it be? :/

  • @Neon-Demon Well.....it sounds to me like the streaming engine cannot keep up with all what you have. I use quite a many ymaps adding thousands of props, trees, and structures. I also have over-the-top vehicle and ped densities I am working into a mod for sometime down the road. If streaming engine is left in it's default state, many props would not render in-game, and my peds would either not spawn or spawn in really slowly and unevenly. If you are asking the game to stream in more, and do so efficiently, then you must tell the gameconfig. Try raising the physical and virtual streaming buffers to say 504 and 2000 respectively. If that does not alleviate the matter, than you will need to look elsewhere for the issue. Also make sure you do not have unneeded programs running - New installations usually means a LOT of extras running, that don't need to be.

  • @eshenk I tried to run clean game without any mods and it still had same problem so it's not gameconfig... I close all unnecessary programs. I also tried all possible solutions I found on internet.

  • @Neon-Demon Well.....my guess is you forgot to configure setting your graphics card. If you have a setting trying to do the same thing you have set in the in-game menu....will cause problems. So if say anisotropic filtering or say vSynch is set in your graphics card AND the in-game menu, expect issues.

  • @eshenk That's not the issue too, because I use exactly the same settings as I used before windows 10 reinstall and all was running smooth...

  • @eshenk Doesn't help :( I think solution maybe simple like turn something off or on in windows, because only thing that changed is windows 10 version is a bit newer then it was when game worked normally. But I tried everything :(

  • @Neon-Demon Are your graphics card drivers up to date after the re-installation of Windows 10?

  • @Cyron43 Yes and I tried install and uninstall various drivers and it's the same

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