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Need help looking for certain data values.

  • So ive figured out how to add the airbags from the faction3 (donk faction) to any vehicle. On cars that are extremely low, they look great. But i would love to find out how to make them not raise so much. So then jdm cars, luxury cars, even offroad vehicles can look great, like theyre actually bagged. Any help would be great. Ive changes about 10 different values in all the codes i could find, and no luck. Also, if anyone would want to add airbags as such to any vehicle, i can help with that too.

  • Sry I have no idea how to do that. but Im interested in how you added airbags to all cars, could you be so kind to share if its not very tricky?

    Only thing I could find on the subject was this video but it dont say much, just demonstrate it.

  • Not that kind of airbags. Suspension airbags lol

  • @Dxnzer047 I'd give @bagged a shout and see if he can offer any advice. He did this not so long ago https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2000-bagged-excursion-x-450-custom-add-on

  • @Dxnzer047 Hey im looking for the code so i can add it to me Widebody Ferrari, is it possible you send me the Airbag /air-ride code

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