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[TOOL] [RELEASED] Grand Low Resolution V

  • Grand Low Resolution V Beta Version

    Hey guys Grand Low Resolution V has released and this is my first ever created mod, I hope you all will enjoy it (:

    GLR V - Grand Low Resolution V is a tool that let's you change
    the resolution of GTA V to any resolution you want, but it was created to Lower the in-game resolution
    but it is still compatible to Higher resolution. That's why it's called Grand Low Resolution V.

    • Change resolution - Highest resolution you want.
    • Change resolution - Lowest resolution you want.
    • Change resolution - To any resolution you want.
    • This mod is Compatiable and works for all games.
    • This mod is cimpatiable for Intel Graphics Card, Nvidia Graphics Card, AMD Graphics Card.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Waiting the file, i guess this will be the one of the best gta v mods

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