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Missions wont start with a gameconfig

  • Hi,so I have some mods installed and the only gameconfig working for me so far is the one by Dilapidated I guess(I tried some gameconfigs but not all em so feel free to advice some gameconfigs)Anyway,I have one problem,my missions wont start and I m sure that its becase of this gameconfig.When I go to a marker(For example devin the in film studios)All the markers on the minimap get lost and tehy wont come back until I restart or reload the game,and of course,the mission wont start.I want to play the missions with the mods,so if anybody helps me I would be happy.Thanks in advance : )

  • @gamerpro023 i would not to use mods when playing storymode. Both script & oiv mods can cause issues.

  • @Cass But where I m gonna use the mods then?Did you mean you wouldnt use the mods until finishing the story missions?

    I am using your mod (world of variety)and its dope btw!

  • @gamerpro023 Thanks. Well what i said was a generalization. Some mods will work, while others dont. Including gameconfigs.
    I made world of variety lite specifically for storymode. As well as those that have a million addons. So use the lite version for storymode.
    Also wov lite doesnt use a gameconfig

  • @Cass ok thanks,but I think its too late for uninstalling the full version and installing the lite version.So I guess theres only one solution , playing with mods disabled via openiv until finishing the story mode %100 and playing with mods after that.Thanks for the help.So far I tried some popular gameconfigs like I said(gameconfig 15.0 by F7YO,that worked before the update and some others including the one that has a reventon photo that never worked for me)However,can you recommend some gameconfigs that could work?

    EDIT:I downloaded a %100 save game but now it seems like the variety is reduced a bit but I m not sure

  • @gamerpro023 You can't play missions with a modified gameconfig but I have good news. You don't need to uninstall any mods in order to play without them. Quit the game and just rename openiv.asi to openiv.asi.off and every modification you did in the mods folder is not touched anymore. If this still doesn't help then the dinput8.dll which you installed together with scripthookV is the key. This is the one thing that kind of drills a whole into the game and makes programmatic interactions possible. No mod whatsoever runs without it. So just rename dinput8.dll to dinput8.dll.off and start the game. Remove the .off extension again once you're done with playing missions (quit the game before) and all your mods are back in action.

  • @Cyron43 thanks for the help,Im doing it in an alternative way.I disable openiv asi and asiloader by entering open iv,but Its the same with the things you said,just a different way.Anyway,my goal was playing the missions with mods but I guess thats not possible anymore.However,if anybody knows a gameconfig that might work,please write down.

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