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Why ymap dont load ped and xml textures ?

  • Anyone know reason why xml dont load lot of time textures of cars = they are whole black, but ymap dont load peds?
    when I convert xml to ymap, it never load me peds, but now I noticed the map which have black cars in xml have textured cars after converting to ymap. Why it is and is any trick or way how to combine it and solve it to get 100%, that mean full textures of vehicles and loaded all peds?

  • @Dekurwinator oh so ok that peds I understand now.
    But about that color, when I change it in menyoo, it will be saved? When I quit game and open again, will it spawn with that new color which I set in menyoo?

  • @Dekurwinator I just tryed it...in menyoo colors settings of spawned vehicles count spawned by menyoo manually not vehicles spawned by .xml autoload map

    in .xml file is not defined colors but it look like this

    <Weapon xsi:nil="true" />

    After which line I have to put that color lines?

    And please how I can check items hash? I need relocate few items too so for example, there is boattrailer ahead of house but it is on the place where player car is spawning. So I need to relocate it little bit more up, but need to know what hash have that boattrailer.

  • @Dekurwinator it is possible its Michael's house, so you don't know how to set up colors and how to set new place of few items?

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