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All of my addons suddenly stopped working.

  • I was installing a couple of new cars this morning and after I installed this one here, my addon cars in my mods folder abruptly stopped working. Map Editor error prompts pop up in the bottom left corner and I get an error saying "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" every time I try to spawn any of my addon vehicles except for the the Dodge Diplomat I just linked above. Something tells me the error is on my end but I can't figure out for the life of me what the hell is wrong. I test my game every single time I install a new addon, whether it's a car, a map, a script or a ped; everything was working fine until I installed this one. I know this car fucked something up. But I don't know what. I've tried moving the addon dlcpacks to other dlcpack folders, rewriting every dlclist.xml I come across, reimported vanilla files and made changes to those, nothing has worked.

  • Holy crap I managed to fix it. I found a backup of my mods folder I made two days ago and restored it and everything's back to normal now.

    Remember folks, MAKE REGULAR BACKUP so stuff like this doesn't happen to you! :^)

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