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GTA Did not shut down cleanly?

  • Every time i exit GTA, it freezes and comes up with the social club pop up after about 5 mins saying it did not shut down cleanly, even on a fresh download of the game (steam)

    Any help?

  • lol same here buddy, whether i'm running it vanilla or with my mods every time I try to exit the game hangs and crashes. I just ignore it at this point and chalk it up to rockstar's brilliantly engineered social club choking itself out.

  • @spigotthebear I'm starting to do the same but can't say it's not frustrating as fuck lmfao

  • @spigotthebear Pretty sure it's a mixture of Menyoo and scripthook shitting themselves thinking of it

  • @GavinsBeard could be. i'm just an amateur with gtaV so your guess is as good as mine; all my years of experience lies in gamebryo and age of empires modding hahahaha.

  • I have always used 'Ctrl+Shift+Enter' > 'GTA V.exe' > 'End Process Tree' to quit the game. If I shutdown the normal in-game way the game freezes for a while & slows my PC down for a few minutes after even though the game has ended. Far simpler & easier to just kill it dead with Task Manager.
    Obviously don't do that in the middle of saving etc but that's what I've done for the past ~3 years of playing & it has never once caused a problem so it's totally safe to do.

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