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Suggestion to help with repeat forum posts and mod comments

  • This a visualation of what @krashadam suggested here
    A big red bar clearly stating the rules of console and online modding.


    The second suggestion is, having the community guidelines open instead of having to click the link.

    0_1529144251768_Screenshot-2018-6-16 Hampshire Constabulary Astra mk7 skin.png

    I believe this would help lessen the repeat new topic posts and unfair ratings on the mod pages.

    I would be interested to know your thoughts on this @administrators @Global-Moderators

  • @Cass This is seriously needed. As much as I love making witty and sarcastic responses to threads regarding console/multiplayer modding I also really get sick of it too.

  • @krashadam Anothor repeat offender is "help i have a problem. I installed this car and now crashing" with no other info posted. I know me and others are sick of posting a link to this pinned topic How to ask for help and support

    Maybe another bar would work. That links to the How to ask for help and support topic.

    0_1529231682599_Screenshot (84).jpg

  • To reiterate.

    • Red bar clearly displaying 'console & multiplayer modding is not allowed'.

    • Red or green bar clearly displaying 'How to ask for help & support' with the bar being linked to that topic.

    • Community guidelines below the comment box on mod pages. To always be open, instead of clicking the link.

    This covers the 3 main repeating offenders. Both on the forums and mod pages.

    If this were implented, there would be literally no excuse for users. As it would be right in their face, at the time of writing a comment or starting a new topic.

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