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urgent carcols.xml.ymt question

  • Hi, I was recently advised by someone to import carcols.xml.ymt through Openformats in openiv after a modificatiion to a vehicle was made. I had to delete the original carcols.ymt file (I backed it up so i still have the original file) in order to import carcols.xml.ymt as gta 5 was crashing with both files being present in open iv. I decided to no longer keep carcols.xml.ymt and to restore the original carcols.ymt file but could not find the way to delete the imported carcols.xml.ymt file. So how do I delete it? Restoring my system to the system restore point I created as a backup didn't help. I would appreciate it if someone can show me how the imported xml file can be removed. Thank you.

  • @denverstar
    It should be as easy as selecting the file in OpenIV & pressing the 'Delete' key (or right-click file > 'Delete')

    If that doesn't work perhaps try renaming the file in OpenIV to something else ('carcols.ymt/.dat/.xml' etc) & see if you can delete it then?

    Note: The correct format for an openformats 'carcols' should be 'carcols.ymt.xml' (NOT 'carcols.xml.ymt').

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  • @a63nt-5m1th The problem is i can't find the file in open iv. Otherwise it would have been straightforward. I looked everywhere and it didn't appear. As for the naming of the file, it is named carcols.ymt.xml. The delete option in openformats just removes the file from openformat's list and doesnt appear to delete the file itself otherwise how is it that gta 5 is working without carcols.ymt or the xml version.

  • @denverstar
    Out of interest are you using a 'mods' folder?
    You can search for a file in OpenIV by pressing Ctrl+F3 (or 'Tools' tab > 'Search'). You then select (the dropdown box below searchbox) if you want to search your 'mods' folder, the game folder or both.
    If you search for 'carcols.ymt.xml' & it finds nothing then it is not in your game (as you drag & drop 'carcols.ymt.xml' into OpenIV, openformats should convert it to 'carcols.ymt' automatically anyway so you shouldn't be able to find a 'carcols.ymt.xml'. If you do, delete it, if you can).

    If you search for 'carcols.ymt' you should find two in your mods folder:



    & two in your game folder:



    If you are using a mods folder & you delete the 'carcols.ymt' from your 'mods' folder 'update.rpf' file path the game will just load the one from your 'mods' folder 'x64a.rpf' file path instead, so your game will still work & I suspect this is what is happening to you.

    As long as you are using a 'mods' folder & you have not edited your original 'carcols.ymt'. The one here:

    ...\update\update.rpf\x64\data\carcols.ymt (1)

    All you do to reset the one in your 'mods' folder is copy 'carcols.ymt' (1) to:

    ...\mods\update\update.rpf\x64\data\carcols.ymt (2)

    & overwrite 'carcols.ymt' (2).

    Tips: Files that are unedited in OpenIV usually have 'Compressed;Encrypted;' in their 'Attributes' column (if they have been edited they just have 'Compressed;' (ie no 'Encrypted;').
    This usually indicates that the file is vanilla & un-modded & thus safe to use as a backup/replacement etc.
    So any 'carcols.ymt' file you have NOT edited should have 'Compressed;Encrypted;' in it's 'Attributes' column & you should be safe to use that as a vanilla reset if things go wrong.
    Note: Not all files of the same name are identical. A lot of the time they contain completely different data ('carcols/carvariations/vehicles/handling.meta' etc) so it IS important that the right version of the file goes in the right place or you will be missing data. Don't get them mixed up :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th Thank you for your clear explanation, it has been helpful. I did the search and no carcols.ymt.xml file was found. However 2 carcols.ymt files were found but none of them were in the mods folder. Their paths are: C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V\update\update.rpf\x64\data\carcols.ymt and C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V\x64a.rpf\data\carcols.ymt. The search result reveals that they're both encrypted files. I originally had a carcols.ymt in the mods folder before but recently deleted it to replace it with a modified one which was sent by someone who had modified a car for me which also ended up getting deleted as i was advised to try the xml version as the game was crashing when both versions were installed. Could it be that this version [C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V\update\update.rpf\x64\data\carcols.ymt] was the creation of the import that took place through openformats? Do you advise that I delete it and simply get the original back to the mods folder or would there be a risk of the game crashing again? Also do you create gta 5 cars? as i have a few edits that i'd like to be done to a car i have and would be happy to pay you any amount we agree on which i would be sending the car files, reference images and an explanation about what i require exactly. Please let me know.

  • @denverstar
    Given that your game is/was crashing I would copy the game folder carcols.ymt's (the ones with 'Encrypted;' in their attributes) to the 'mods' folder & see if the game still crashes.
    Take the 'carcols.ymt' from here:


    & place it here:


    & take the 'carcols.ymt' from here:


    & place it here:


    The game will load the one in 'update.rpf'. When you come to edit it, that is the one you ultimately edit/mod etc (the one in 'update.rpf'). Just keep the others as backups etc & forget about them.

    Once you get to this point I would load up the game & test that everything is stable before moving on. :thumbsup:

    OpenIV 'carcols.ymt' Export/Import Instructions:

    Once you have defaulted the carcols files & checked that the game loads without crashing you can export & edit the carcols file by:

    • Right-clicking it in OpenIV
    • Selecting 'Export to META/XML (.xml)'
    • Choosing the destination of the exported 'carcols.ymt.xml' file
    • Navigate to the exported 'carcols.ymt.xml' file in Windows
    • Open with Notepad/Notepad++ etc
    • Edit the file in Notepad etc & save it
    • Then drag & drop the 'carcols.ymt.xml' file back into it's original location in OpenIV

    Note: Do NOT rename the 'carcols.ymt.xml' file. It will be converted automatically to 'carcols.ymt' when you drop it into OpenIV :thumbsup:

    If this carcols.ymt:

    [C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V\update\update.rpf\x64\data\carcols.ymt]

    (ie the one in the game folder) has 'Encrypted;' after it it is very unlikely it is anything other than the original unmodded file. When you import (drag & drop) 'carcols.ymt.xml' into OpenIV (as per above instructions) it will be converted into 'carcols.ymt' & lose the 'Encrypted;' attribute status. Thus, everything would suggest that the 'carcols.ymt' files in your game folder are vanilla & have never been modded.
    I haven't moved to using Zmodeler so I don't create any cars for GTA V. I may do in the future if I hit a brick wall & no-one is producing what I want to add to the game but at the moment I have my hands full with edits I want to do to just text files :slight_smile:.

  • @a63nt-5m1th copying the carcols.ymt files into the mods folders worked and the game loaded just fine although i had to copy the x64a.rpf into the mods folder which automatically copied over the carcols.ymt found in the data section of x64a.rpf in the non mods folder. Thanks alot for all your help!

  • :thumbsup: Thanks. Glad you got it working :slight_smile:

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