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Missing x64v.rpf folder in OpenIV need help!

  • I was trying to download some clothing mods and then when I tried to go to place the files in, the entire folder was missing. Help would be much appreciated as I am new to OpenIV

  • Hi
    I remember looking for the solution once a while back and found it on reddit.

    Try if it solves the problem for you, let me know!


  • @haanuman Any idea on why this is happening? I am still missing more files and I paid for the game on steam. In addition to the missing x64v I am missing \patchday8ng\ to replace gun models. And unfortunantly the x64v solution did not work but thank you for the effort : )

  • @Void777 Verify game files

  • I'm with @Cass on this one. Just verify the game files, and it'll download the missing files. Make sure you have your mods backed up if you don't use a mod fold (even though you need to use one IMHO).

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