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multiplayer in pc ?

  • Is there is any possible way to play with friends in the same pc ??
    like a co-op or split screen ..
    for example he play with franklin and am in michael or something like that ...

  • @xMA3x I think this is not possible for various reasons.

    • Your PC would need to be immensely powerful for this. Double the system requirements for GTA V.
    • The game doesn't offer co-op and split screen and afaik there is no mod for this

    Besides that your thread is in the wrong forum section.

  • This is possible. Split-screen coop mod. Same-screen coop mod. The split-screen version will reduce performance by at least half, maybe more, and may not work correctly (check comments). Both versions don't have good controls for the second player due to how the mod controls the player internally.

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