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[YMAP][Add-On][WIP] LS Alive / LosSantos Alive

  • LS Alive / LosSantos Alive

    ►What is LSAlive?
    ╚ LSAlive is a Add-On Map Mod who adds many Trees, Traffic Props and Road Construction to the World.

    ►How Can i install this Mod?
    ╠ You can Install it Manualy
    ╚ Automatically with OIV

    ►Is Your Mod Compatible with LSPDFR?
    ╠ At the Moment is My Mod Compatible with LSPDFR, But not on all Streets,
    ╠ Like The National Bank of LS (Who is the Bank Robbery).
    ╠ But You can Find a file in the Download file Called: LSAlive_Hawick_1_LSPDFR.ymap -
    ╚ He Deletes some Props from the Hawick Police Station!

    ►When You Want be a Tester of LSAlive? And you want be the First of all Updaes of the Mod?
    ╠ Then join on my Discord Server!

    Sure it will give her in this Theme as well Updates of some Regions of this mod!

    Thats the Map of The Current Update 1.5 who will come this Week.

    ▼Hawick Police Station▼

    ▼Del Perro Freeway▼

    ▲Paleto Bay▼

    More Picture can You find here:

    When you have an Question or Something than write it down here!

    → Kevin56436 / TheBearli ←

  • New Update for the 1.5 Map was increased in the Area Of The Gang's, and The Maze Bank Arena
    Maybe the Docks will be come to with the 1.5 or with the 1.6

  • Really good idea. The addon is like "Grand Theft Auto V Remastered [Add-On] " (but for me to much fps drops and crashs)

    How good is the performance in contrast to vanilla ?
    Can i test some parts of the addon ?


  • @realgalaxy Sure can you test it!
    IT will have at some Places about 5 - 10 FPS drops at the Moment, but how it is in the Future i can't really say it at the moment)

  • Some Minutes ago was The 1.6 Released, first should be come the Docks.. But after that i think and sayd come on.. i make Sandy Shores More Alive! So we are here!

    Sandy Shores was updated!


    Progress Map

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