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GTA Redux releasing today, website and vid clip


    I have no connection to this I am just excited.

    Geeky Gadgets Article

    Take a look!

  • It still looks as bad as ever to be honest. VisualV with no contrast-ruining Reshade is the way to go for natural colours.



    I am relatively new to modding GTA 5. I have only just begun using simple trainer, added a couple vehicle packs and some individual cars. I added the In and Out Krispy Kreme and the US post office boxes. I am really liking the realism stuff.

    I haven't touched anything graphic enhancement.

  • I don't know how people can play with that. Everything is so shiny... and motion-blurry... and shiny.

    It reminds me of very early racers on the PC when they discovered environmental-mapping and everything was uber-reflective to show it off.

  • I can't reach the website...it says "Account suspended".
    Where can i download Redux then?

    Thx for help :)

  • Redux page has been shutted down
    Download it from here: https://www.reddit.com/r/GrandTheftAutoV/comments/532i6r/gta5_redux_mega_download/

  • @TheAdmiester

    Like I said I don't get it.
    People like playing with high color saturation ultra bright washed out looking graphics mods I guess

  • @LeeC2202 Mkeezay30 found a bunch of options in the game files for things like reflection files and ambient light values to make everything more realistic without using enb or reshade. He's hellbent on realism, and if he can do this without reshade or enb, well, you'll want to check it out. I think it's going to be part of CrystalReality, without the need for enb or reshade. They also use new next gen textures with better tone mapping and other things that help to the effect.

  • @Think_Tank You say "to make everything more realistic" and "better tone mapping". What is it more realistic than? The stylised game in Vanilla mode? The game with any ENB or Reshade combination? Give me a benchmark that this is going to be more realistic than. The reflections are way overdone in the videos I've seen... and the motion blur!?!

    And you say better tone mapping. Better to who? The author? The people working with him? On what level of monitor is that tone-mapping going to look better? A gaming tweaked monitor or a colour accurate artist's monitor? These are all unknown variables that affect how graphics appear to each user... and that's why objective claims are so dangerous.

    I get that people like it, and I entirely respect that... and that's the main reason I will never say "This is bad" because that would be wrong... I dislike anyone directly referring to another person's creation as bad, so I refuse to do it. It just doesn't objectively do (in my eyes), what the subjective claims say it does. I could not, in all seriousness, download this mod and play the game with it...

    But... and I say this in all honesty, show me an untouched screengrab or video that proves me wrong and I will happily admit it. But as a game artist since the early 80's and a photographer for almost as long, it's going to have to be pretty impressive to convince me. I would love it if it was everything you have said, because it would save me having to dig into timecycle files to make the tweaks I'd like to make... so please, prove me wrong and make me happy.

    We all think our creations are better than other people's, it's the nature of the creative beast... and none of us really like being told that they're not, unless we already know. And when it comes to programming mods, I actually do know that mine isn't... I'm an artist by profession. So when people say my coding sucks, there's a fairly good chance they're right. :) I was a long, long way from being what you could class as an exceptional artist but I do know what realism looks like.

  • @LeeC2202 Well, i meant more realistic than the vanilla. Here, watch this: "Quick Texture and Reflection test, windows now reflect at proper resolution, I've been redoing GTA Vs textures, bringing better normal and specular maps as well as better looking textures"

    this video is for textures with I think leaves everything else vanilla (no lighting changes). Also, he's working on particle effects. See, he's working on a more dynamic lighting system, and the reflection textures are for things that most likely are supposed to reflect but don't, but they were turned off in the game. He's also affecting colors, but I think those will be adjustable. By more realistic, I was speaking behavior wise. Also, it gets rid of all those dumb effects like vignetting, chromatic abborition, and etc. If you had been following the project for a while and were on the facebook page, you could tried to be one of the ones testing the files and giving feedback. I can't because my computer can't even run the game, it's a 400 dollar laptop for college. But you sound like you'd be really helpful, maybe you should talk to him about making it better, as he DOES want more realism, so you need to talk to him (he's the author of the GTARealism mod and part of Realism Dispatch Enhanced.)

  • @Think_Tank You know the first thing I thought when I watched that first video? "Turn down the specular levels..." and I think that's indicative of the thoughts this whole mod gives me. Admittedly that is a test, so those values could just be being used to highlight the normal maps... which incidentally are also set way too high.

    Specularity is one of the more delicate properties of a material, yet one of the most important when conveying the material in a realistic sense... it's also one of the most overused properties. It's the balance of light reflection that makes materials believable, more so than probably any other property.

    All materials reflect light but specularity isn't what determines how much is reflected, specularity determines how it is reflected. I tend to think of it like the focus wheel on a camera lens. The aperture determines how much light comes in, the focus wheel determines how focused that light is. So in that sense, reflectivity is the aperture and specularity is the focus.

    If you understand your materials, you will have a better understanding of how to represent them.

    See, now you call those effects dumb. Vignetting and chromatic aberrations are natural effects caused by properties inherent with all camera optics. Vignetting occurs because light gets more focused in the centre of a lens and less to the edges, especially at long focal lengths. Chromatic aberrations occur because light gets dispersed differently across the lens surface, causing colour shifts where the focus differs. The lower the lens quality, the higher the chances of those occurring...

    The game is viewed through a camera, therefore it is natural... and realistic, that the camera displays optical aberrations. Removing them because "they're dumb", is doing no more than saying "My reality is better than the real reality". Things will never look realistic if you let your interpretation of reality, dictate your pursuit of realism... and that, is the core problem with all of these mods. And if that's what's driving this mod, then I'll avoid it for sure.

    I know how light works, I know how materials work and I know how optics work... when you break that chain, you break realism.

  • @LeeC2202 exactly. The game is viewed through a camera. But that's not how the characters would see it. I wanna feel like I'm in the world, not seeing it through a camera. And yeah, he needs you. Please try to talk to him.

  • @Think_Tank Are those effects there in first-person view? I don't know, I always play in third-person view.

    If they're there in FPV, then I agree with you... I hate any camera effects that are used in FPV in games... Forza being one of the worst for putting lens-flares in the driver's-eyes view... that was a serious :astonished: moment. Then again, that's a game where the left mirror reflects the right side of the road and visa versa, so I have very little faith in their ability visuals wise.

    If they only appear in third-person view though, then I maintain my view, that effects in camera based views are valid... and welcome. I did notice when I flicked through FPV one time that it tinted the view when you had glasses on (which was a nice touch), but I didn't take much notice of anything else. I know they exist in scope views (which is fair enough) and I think they might when using the phone camera but I'm not dead certain on that.

    Honestly, until I see something that shows me that this is very different to what I've already seen, I wouldn't even download it... I think my time is best spent on my own mod, especially as I think there would be a massive difference of opinion about what Redux is and what it is trying to do. The author has a right to create their mod how they view it, differences of opinions can be very disruptive and that's not fair on the author. He needs to create the mod in the way he wants it to be and it is up to everyone else to either like it and use it, or not.

    In that respect, I feel it is probably unfair for me to add more to this thread that could negatively influence people. Everyone has to make their own mind up and it's not my place to influence that... I sincerely hope I haven't.

  • @LeeC2202 spell check isn't working. I have no idea if its in first person. I would argue that when someone wants to make the game look as realistic as possible, it is your place to offer your advice. But this conversation has nothing to do with redux. Mkeezay30 is the gta realism author. I sencearly think you and he should work together, because he wants realism, and you seem to be the key. I implore you to talk with him, maybe give him some tips at least. You could help him make something you couldn't do on your own. I swear, he knows the files (hidden turned off ones as well) better than anyone I've met. He even thinks he can make the gym mod increase strength stats, which everyone said is impossible.

  • @LeeC2202 From Mkeezay himself on Facebook:
    "Yes I already did new spec maps, but that was for a very reflective surface, so a high spec map was needed in that case, any tips will definitely help though, but we actually have quite a few textures in game right now that look perfect, we actually fixed the spec issue a while ago.

    Could you tell him to msg me on here or something?"
    Well? I told him to see you on here first, but ill try.

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