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New to mods.. Need a little help with replacing vehicles please..

  • So I've only recently started looking at mods on GTA, I have a couple of graphic mods (Natural Vision & Visual IV) which work fine. Im now looking at replacing some of the cars in the game with IRL cars, but when ever I do, its almost like something is missing in the textures and I either have a car with no textures, or a car that looks like this.. https://imgur.com/a/2fKydFK

    Windows, lights and sometimes interiors also don't display properly

    I've tried multiple cars and none of them display as they should, except for a Buffalo replacement that was replaced with a modified Buffalo.

    I'm using OpenIV to replace the files all (YFT and YTD) but im clearly missing something.

    Any help is much appreciated.


  • In case anyone ever has a similar problem, I fixed it by removing Natural Vision. Since doing that all cars have rendered correctly.

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