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Password retrieval says user not found

  • I didn't login to the site for a while and forgot password. I tried to retrieve it by filling in my email but it said user not found. I can't go back to my old profile. Im certain I used the right email address. Thats annoying cause i uploaded some mapmods. Now i made a new account with the same email address. Is it possible to retrieve my old account? Username was: PostaL. The username of my new account is -PostaL- ( addes the - marks)

    The weird thing is. When im on the forums I can see my old posts and post with my old nickname. But on the mainsite it uses my new -PostaL- account. So I cant access my map uploads.



    Send me a PM with the email address you'd like to attach to the PostaL account. I'll then update it and the password retrieval should then work.

  • My username on Xbox 360 is truthfuldant pls give mods

  • @Tia-slatter We:clap_tone3:do:clap_tone3:not:clap_tone3:allow:clap_tone3:talk:clap_tone3:of:clap_tone3:console:clap_tone3:or:clap_tone3:multi:clap_tone3:player:clap_tone3:modding.:clap_tone3:

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