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Site search broken

  • Hi
    I think something's wrong with the site search. Before when I searched for police there was loads of pages. Now there's only a few. I found a link of a fire truck I liked, copied it down. I tried searching for it using a clear term I had used before (Shropshire) and it didn't come up, while the link still works.

    What's going on!

  • same problem here wtf...

  • I found this search problem yesterday as well. I am looking for IRON MAN , and 2 results come up , in stead of the 500 that came up last week.
    I checked other browsers but it did not help, it is good to see I am not the only one. I guess there is some maintenance going on . but they should have informed it on the main page. However there is a workaround to it , Just google exactly what you are looking for , and if you are lucky you will see it pops up in the google search page. That will be good for the mean time until they fix it.


    Apologies, I was away from work today and it's now 11pm. We'll get it fixed up in the morning.

  • Seems all is back on track now :)
    search works perfectly again

  • @Crunchy_Cookies I have all good working :ok_hand_tone1:

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