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[Textures Mods] I need one or more Beta-Tester


    I need one or more beta-tester to test my textures mods. They are simple mods that will not consume much of your time.

    I worked on them some time ago and I want to release them as soon as possible.

    | Requirements:
    Only that: Someone who has a medium or high-end computer or laptop and who has skills in creating and editing textures. :)

    | Here's what will be tested:

    • My own skin for XMOD's NFS gauge - RPM Gear Speedometer & Timer.
    • Custom wood & leather textures for the interior of Gta5KoRn's Rolls-Royce Dawn and SCRAT's Range Rover Evoque.
    • Real graffiti for GTA V (taken from Spanish streets).

    | NOTICE: If you are interested in this or have questions, use the chat.

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