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Fix for game crashing after a while of playing?

  • Hi, my game had been working fine with 2 addon car mods and I have a modified gameconfig. I have just added in 3 more cars( I have done one car at a time and it was working good) and since then my game will work for about 20-30 min and it would crash. I am playing missions when it crashes and I do not know if it crashes if I dont play a mission. Any one know how go fix this?


    You’re not meant to play missions with a modded game config, can mess it up

  • @Reacon now have tried to just play the game regularly and it still crashed after 20 min of playing even without doing missions.

  • It was fine until I added the 2017 bugatti chiron and 2019 bugatti chiron sport. Also added an audi as7. Gonna get rid of them and see how it works.

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