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Troubleshooting tip: If your game lags and you are a Google Chrome user

  • Hi there, recently I found out why my game lags hard occasionally. Not long ago Chrome was updated (without notifying the user) and we have it running in the background even after closing the browser window. You can see it if you click that little triangle in the lower right part of the desktop. You will see the chrome background task icon there. When you open the task manager you will find a dozen (:exclamation:) or so instances of Chrome running simultaneously! No wonder my game lagged.
    The solution: Bring up that Chrome background task icon and right click it. Uncheck 'Allow Chrome to run in the background' and click on 'Exit'.

  • @Cyron43 Surely the solution is to stop using chrome ;)
    Seriously tho you can set Chrome to not run in the background:
    Click on the Chrome menu (or press Alt+E)
    Select Settings.
    Click on the link titled 'Show advanced settings'
    Under the section headed 'System' untick the box next to “Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed”

  • @krissboo That's another way to do it. :slight_smile:

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