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[ZM3] Trying to Create an ELS Police Vehicle

  • I tried my hand at 3D modeling yesterday, starting with ELS vehicles. I used a Pontiac G8 model as my starting point. I added antennas, radars, partitions, interior lightbars, etc, and it looked really good in the viewports. When I exported it to OpenIV and started GTA V and spawned it, it has a few bugs. The bumpers and windows dangle as if hanging by a thread. The ELS lights are not the correct color. The driver side is supposed to be red and the passenger side is supposed to be blue. I have the required textures in the .YTD, but they don't show in game. The wheels do not spin either.

    This video shows what exactly the vehicle is doing. This was recorded yesterday. I have fixed the flashing body parts, but the bumpers are still causing issues for me.

    I'm entirely new to ZModeler, so if you've got a solution, please let me know!

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