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Codewalker Paths

  • I'm trying to get my traffic density to a certain point of realism. The problem is that the freeway coming out if the tunnel from Del Perro to Little Seol and then to the Freeway (which doesn't start until the second overpass) is divided into different into different sections. Going into popcycle or gameconfig and changing values there will affect the entire section and not just the freeway of the respected area. This is where I'm at a standstill cause while lowing the values causes less traffic in the freeway, it also does the same for the city area causing it to appear almost empty.

    Is there a way I can get the values changed with codewalker to maybe make that part of the freeway one whole section?

    Is there a way to make change the traffic density of the freeway by changing the nodes values?

    Is there a real guide of any kind that says exactly what the values does for the nodes and for codewalker as a whole? (The youtube videos doesn't tell me much)

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    idk if there's a guide, tho test if deleting the nodes work, then optionally populate some of the areas with scenarios so it doesn't look abandoned. (Besure to backup your Paths.rpf file!)

  • I managed to fix it to some degree. Was an error in the popcycle from a copy and paste from a test I was doing. There are some roads that have more traffic than others though and it seems to have something else other than those files mention controlling it.....then again, there may be something wrong with my gameconfig.

  • @EvolutionXIII I can help you out with this. Provide a link to me your gameconfig, popcycle.dat, and vehicles.meta file. I will modify them so you can get what I have got for traffic densities - which is a LOT. If you are still not satisfied with the result, I know people who can help us achieve your aim.

    City densities is a tough one to crack, BECAUSE of paths. I have made great strides in this area by altering the vehiclekeyhole values in gameconfig, but in some places the way R* has paths set up really make things tough. I have managed to get much of city traffic densities up far above vanilla, but in some areas paths hold us back.

    Note: If also interested I can provide files for you to beta-test with me, ped densities for Del Perro, Vespucci, Morningwood, Pacific Bluffs, Rockford Hills West and East, Burton, and Hawick.

    A tiny sample:

  • @eshenk Sorry for the late response. I wouldn't mind helping with beta-testing just let me know exactly what is expected and we'll go from there. I'll provide the link to the files soon.


    @eshenk you’re in for a treat @EvolutionXIII this sh*t is crazy cool lol

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