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Tire screech sound every time I apply the breaks. Can this be removed?

  • One thing that has really become annoying is the tiny tire screech sound that automatically comes in every time I apply breaks whether driving fast, slow, crazy, normal, it doesn't matter. Once I initially apply the breaks, quick SCREECH, then the car slows down. Is there any way that I can remove this tire screech sound from breaking? I looked into the breaks, ABS, and traction and that didn't seem to do it, but I may have missed it. Any help please?

  • Has anyone else noticed this before? Any ideas?

  • @Spitfire7 said in Tire screech sound every time I apply the breaks. Can this be removed?:

    Has anyone else noticed this before? Any ideas?

    No idea did you edit your handling or vehicles meta at all?

  • Yes, but I just installed the game and it was the first annoying thing I noticed right out of the box. I then installed a realistic handling mod in hopes it would fix this, but it didn't change anything. I am using a keyboard and each time I hit the breaks it always screeches just for a second with a quick chirp and then slows down. Kind of like if it has ABS and it initially tries to lock up the breaks, but then activates ABS. Haven't you seen this before? Just try to drive normally around 35 to 50 mph and stop at lights. Chirp, then it slows down. Annoying.

  • Play with a xbox controller. You can adjust how much you brake or accelerate. Boom problem solved. Playing with a keyboard means the game can't detect how much force you apply to the key so it's gaspedal fully down or brake pedal fully down.. nothing in between.

  • @d4sh Playing with an xbox controller doesn't fix it, i play with an xbox controller and i have the scratch sound

  • @Abdulrhman1 I think I misunderstood then.. sorry. I think I know what you mean now but I doubt it's removable.

  • @d4sh it is removable but it's a bit annoying because you need search for the scratch sound in openIV and replace it with blank sound

  • if you use a controller as said above . there is no such problem. please look at your controller configuration. and left trigger usually is assigned to the brakes. if you changed it to handbrake, the sound is justified. otherwise. i have never noticed it.

  • @Spitfire7 okay i just double checked. the screeching sound comes only, when you press the Brakes (left trigger) all the way too suddenly. if you press the brakes as normally people do while driving . it behaves just as it is supposed to. you are too heavy footed (or in this case heavy fingered). or may be you don't have a controller and play though a keyboard?

  • I'm replying to this anyway. Has anyone actually found a solution to this other than the unhelpful muppets who just tell you to use a controller as usual?

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  • @Brukanator Whats unhelpful about it? Its how the game works, tyres squeal when you break traction. Braking hard will break traction. The keyboard is an on/off switch so braking hard is the only option. If you want to drive normally you need some way to modulate your inputs, i.e. a controller or pedal.


    Handlings can be tweaked so full brake force doesn't lock the wheels (disable ABS to verify, can be hard to tell otherwise).

    The downside is that your braking performance is reduced, but that's just something you have to live with if you're using a keyboard.

    Alternatively it might be possible to write a script that modulates throttle/brake input and smoothen it like the steering, but nobody's put the effort in to do that yet.

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