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Invalid Model Error (add-on cars)

  • I've read every forum post on this and reddit, still can't figure it out. I modded my GTA two weeks ago, everything was fine and then on my own fault, I messed it up. I started over today, installed Natural Vision and ENB, Menyoo, and I tried to install a GTR and I keep getting the Invalid Model error. I had this error two weeks ago but then I suddenly figured it out somehow. I'm changing the dlclist in the mods folder as well as putting the car in the dlcpacks folder, what gives?

  • @whopperlover17 vehicles.meta

  • Really? I never messed with this previously when I got it to work before. Which one do you recommend changing? Is it in the mods folder? Also, am I only supposed to mess with the dlcpacks and dlclist in the mods folder or the base file as well?

  • @Cass Sorry I didn't tag you the first time m8

  • The one that comes with the mod. Also check the carvaritions.meta

    Your best bet is to look on youtube for a visual representation.

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