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Police vehicle AI modification

  • Ok, I'm really pissed about it, game doesn't have any real cop chases anymore, at the next turn they lose you completely and that's it...

    Is it possible, and if yes what are those files I need to modify for Police cars be more aggressive, ram you, set up more roadblocks, preferably even with spikes and mainly to be extremely hard to shake off?

    I tried several mods like Crime & Police Rebalance and Better Chases + Warrants, they have great features but none address things I want. It's surprising to be honest, there are tons of mods for all kinds of issues, but no one else feels cops are just too retarded in this game? Remember how good police chases were in GTA 3?...

  • @Forrest-Gimp Most people don't want the cops to ram you because that's stupid and unrealistic. They complained that they were too aggressive. As for setting up roadblocks and using spikes and being hard to shake off, have you tried talking to the mod authors about this? Also, Better Chases + Warrants is supposed to be used with Realism Dispatch Enhanced, so maybe that will do something.

  • Thing is, non of these mods have anything in the features that makes cops more persistent. Realism Dispatch is basically extended version of C&P Rebalance, which focuses mainly on improving variety of units (which it does very well) and some minor tweaks in behavior. Chases and Warrants works with responses and mainly on-foot chases from the looks of it, because with it I still shook cops really fast, but those features that you can surrender and they can spot stolen vehicle is great.

    I spend more time digging in files, and I found nothing of a sort that car really make AI chase you better, that's ridiculous...

  • @Forrest-Gimp I agree with you. Especially when you have a realistic top speed mod the cops are slow as hell. There's really no challenge anymore. I tweaked handling.meta and vehicleaihandlinginfo.meta, but all I could change was that the police bikes are now as fast as they should, but all other police vehicles don't respond to changes in these files. I don't know why. Maybe someone like @Eddlm can help.

  • @Marcel2015
    I messed with handling meta too, but any changes from vanilla seem like degrade AI cars in either way than improving it. It applies both to races and cop chases.

    See, I was considering modding it because, if you remember, in story mode some scripted chases are pretty good, like airport one, so I thought maybe there's a specific tweakable file containing police car AI behavior, but I don't seem to find one...

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