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closeup screenshots ground textures

  • Dear all,
    I am not sure if my request fits in here.
    I am looking for a way to take close up screenshots from the ground in order to "glue" them together in Photoshop to a bigger area.
    The idea is to create an area of roughly 200 x 200 (ingame) meters in a very high detail, so the shots should be taken from approx. 30 cm above the ground (part of the Los Santos Airport runway/taxiways, for example).
    I´ve tried to record some clips, and use the free camera in the Rock Editor, but this is a hell of a work, and I can´t get rid of the HUD. Any idea, how I can create this closeup map for a certain area?
    (The idea is print the map on a foil (3x3 meters) and use it as a play carpet for scale model cars.)
    Thanks in advance for your help.


    @DamageInc what do you mean you can't get rid of the hud? just press H

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