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New maps and vehicle ideas for modders

  • Over the time that i have been modding in GTA 5 i picked up a few ideas for the modding side of the game and since i have no clue on how to make mods i would like to give some of my ideas to modders and see if they/you would make these into mods. Without furtherer a do lets get into it:

    First i will be doing vehicles so it is easier for your eyes:

    [Le Mans] Toyota TS050 Hybrid

    [Le Mans] Porsche 919 Hybrid

    I have noticed that there are no Le Mans racing cars and so i thought that this would be awesome to be added in the game :)

    Now moving on to the maps:

    [Circuit] Monaco GP
    HEADS UP: This mod/map can be imported from the game F1 2017! Or when F1 2018 comes out it will also include Monaco
    This is the mod i hope the most will be added since i am one of the biggest fans of Monaco

    [Circuit] Paul Ricard

    Keep in mind that this is a W.I.P.

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