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Glow Sticks or Camping Lantern

  • The idea is to have a movable/ place-able light source that still works even when the game’s electricity is turned off.

    I like the idea of something like green glow sticks you can hold, drop and throw like the vanilla flare except glow sticks won't flicker and they'll stay lit permanently until you choose pick them back up.

    I want this mod to use while I play Sollahalla’s Simple Zombies, because you can choose to play with the electricity on or off. Unfortunately, when you turn it off it disables all other light sources except for the red flare, and your flashlight attachment. Both are not very practical when you just want to hunker down in your base at night.

    I like the idea of green glow sticks because of the practicality; however a small camping lantern that I could place on a table would suffice as well. Would be cool to see something like this come to life.


  • I thought this was a spam robot thread for a minute. xD Not bad an idea.

  • @TheEagles1977 It also sucks that all versions of "blackout" mods shut off car lights, it must be impossible to be that selective with the environmental lighting, that's the only reason I can imagine for why features like that wouldn't exist.

  • @futurestoryteller ,

    Exactly. It bums me out about the head lights being blacked out too but I don't think there is much anyone can do about that.

    But I got the idea for this mod because I use Alexguirre's spotlight mod for my police cars when I play LSPDFR and I found out that his spotlight works just fine, even when blackout mode is enabled. So at night id just use that as sort of a headlight.

    But I figured since gta flares and Alexguirre's spotlight mod works in blackout mode, it is very much possible to have light with blackout mode on. So there must definitely be a way to mod a custom light to a lamp or glow stick

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