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Airport Paths

  • Can someone with some decent CodeWalker knowledge make some new paths for planes to follow at LSIA? the regular end of runway hangar path annoys me.(i'd try it myself but i'm a bit dumb) i know @Derpy-Canadian made it a while back but he lost the files

  • @Reacon ive been working on something like that recently but only for Fort Zancudo.

  • @wlupoli damn, you able to try some simple paths for me for the airport? so they actually go up the middle etc

  • @Reacon i could try. the ones i've made at zancudo are somewhat buggy meaning that the planes move at a painfully slow speed for what ever reason. I'm not sure it would be any different at LSIA

  • @wlupoli doesn't bother me man, thanks!

  • @Reacon ok! I'll see what I can do.

  • @wlupoli appreciate it:)

  • @Reacon I'm not bsing you right now but I just started codewalker. moved over to zancudo to check if my last modifications saved. they did. Then i tried going to LSIA and the thing crashed. If you'd like I can give you everything i've got on zancudo as an alternative. Seriously, idk what happened.

  • @wlupoli could you try again? and sure man

  • @Reacon yeah I’ll send you everything for that. Everytime I try going to LSIA it happens. Everywhere else it’s fine. And the game doesn’t crash when I go to LSIA either

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