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On what depend modkit id ? cant save id over number 250...adding modkit

  • On what depends modkit id?
    on most of addon vehicles which have modkit, is modkit id about 900 or any similar high numbers. But I am using addon vehicles for replace and now want add kit for car which did not have it before.

    I place modkit.rpf to x64i, that mean I easy know carcols and carvariations files are 2 ending not '.meta' but '.ymt'. I add carcols lines at the end of 'kits', I changed 'kits' line in carvariations but I am not able to save carcols when I put there id over 250 (but I think all number lower than 250 are basicly used in game). Why I cant save it?

    When I use some lower number, for example I used 92/96 (last in carcols.ymt have 82/86), game is not crashing and car in custom have all options of added kits, but they dont load. For example I use bumper and it make just my bumper off. I think it is because 92/96 is used in any other carcols.meta file. So what I have to do to be able save number over 250?

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