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[Vehicle] Viper Defender (60 $ reward)

  • We're looking for someone to create the Viper Defender from the Viper Series for gta 5, or convert the old one by Tobie we used in GTA SanAndreas to GTA 5. Here you can find the old Defender models: https://uploadfiles.io/d5km2

    For a new HD model, we would pay 60 $.
    If you think you can get the old Defender model into gta 5 in good quality, just let us know your price offer.

    Here you can see the old Viper Mod from GTA Sanandreas:

    It would be very cool to get this mod back to GTA5

  • Increasing to 200 $ for a full Viper Mod.
    It should include the following:

    • High Quality Viper Defender Model (including Offroad- and Hovercraft Mode)
    • fitting Dodge Viper RT engine sounds
    • script files for the known Defender abilities known from the Series

  • we now have a Viper Defender Model for gta 5:

    now i'm only looking for someone to create the script files for a viper mod to fit the Viper Defender gadgets known from the show.

  • Maybe @GTA Belgium ;)

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