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[WEAPON] Working/Animated MP5

  • I am very surprised that there aren't any good mp5 models that a) are actually animated and b) have iron sights that are aligned and working attachments. I am not willing to pay for a mod so if someone is bored and wants to make my community and I very happy with a good mp5 model I would be much appreciative!

  • @prophet22 https://www.gta5-mods.com/weapons/h-k-mp5#description_tab
    I didn't Tried it yet but it looks good, It's usually good weapon models with this author

  • That is a good model however suppressor doesn't actually connect with the barrel

  • @prophet22 Oh I don't know for this try other mods from from this author to pick w_smg supressor files and see if it's work

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