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[SCRIPT/TOOL] Advanced Handling Editor.

  • So I was messing around with my cars, and I had a good idea of a better handling editor then the ones we already have> A program that works simultaniously with the game, so you can edit and use your handling while the game is opened. Also, the program explains better what each config does (example: instead of having the option "fDrivebiasfront", the option is called "wheel traction" or something like that"). And the best part that I think it's totally possible because many mods do that: You can save the custom handling you made for a car, but you can also save that handling for that specific model WITH a specific plate! So you can have a stock civic and also a civic faster than a lamborghini with the same model! Even though I'm not a modder I know some of programming and I think that a mod like that is completely possible. So if anyone could do that it would be really good and I'm sure I'm not the only one who would enjoy it alot.


    Pretty sure Drive Modes can do this.

    I did put some initial effort in converting the handling editor over to the menu thing but I haven't done much aside from getting started.

    Anybody's free to continue that thing.

    Beware, the code's shit, which is probably why I gave up idk life or something came in between

  • lol actually reading the description it's sound exactly like the mod I wanted. I enter this site multiple times everyday to see if there's anything new that is interesting but somehow I NEVER saw that mod, or maybe I just forgot it existed. Thanks for the indication.

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