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I dont want my game to update in the future. Please help.

  • Hello Guys. I want no more update. I dont want my game to update in the future. Is there any chance or mod to this?
    Thank you

  • @GambinoYT Make a folder on your desktop - name it something like "For When Rockstar Updates". Now open your game folder, and copy over the following - the Installers folder, the update folder, gta5.exe, gtavlangauageselect.exe, gtavlauncher.exe, installscript.vdf, and steam_api64.dll to it. When R* updates COPY those back and say yes to overwrite. Notice I capitalized COPY? Do NOT drag and drop those files over to your game folder, or you WILL lose those files, LOL.

  • Posts this two days ago, yet last online a month ago. That seems legit!


  • You can try GTAVLauncherBypass 1.1. Im not sure if it work 100% but Im testing it to avoid checking for updates. Sadly many updates break mods and savegames so stopping updates is a high priority.
    But as @eshenk say keeping backups is another good policy.

  • @xxx78 Yeah that's a good one. I use it and my game hasn't updated for about a year now, but I have the retail version of gta5.

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