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window 10 game dvr issues

  • good morning I am having issues with my window 10 game dvr for recording videos I wanted to use it to record my gta v but after counting to 50 seconds it always crash. does anyone use game dvr here

  • It starts recording for 50 seconds (I see a red bar with a time counter) and then stops and states " there's nothing to record. Pay some more and try again"

  • My friend, you're experiencing the true authenticity of what the modern day take on Windows Vista/Millennium is. It's called Windows 8/10. It's a piece of shit. Unfortunately there's no moving back to Windows 7 because that's also beginning to die off in attempts to force you to move to Windows 8/10. Sad right? And it had to happen to the better operating system.

    Someone's going to come around and tell me I'm wrong about everything I said. In that case, go right ahead, make an answer for how people I know in real life have their own issues with Windows 10, how I got stuck in an infinite bootloop, how I got nonstop errors with Windows 10 like unexpected BSODs despite having fine system specs.

    I'll tell you something - Windows had all the time in the world to patch the biggest problems like viruses and to add the option of always keeping a window on top while in another window. What do they do instead?

    Let's see... so far they changed the design into something reminisce of Windows 3.0 (cartoony, vivid colors) and they haven't patched viruses and trojans since MS-DOS.

    It's amazing. In the past their operating systems have been hit nonstop by computer viruses and malware since the late 90s. And so far another computer virus named WannaCry went around nearly destroying thousands of computers like CIH once and almost did. CIH wasn't the only virus to have infected computers going into the thousands though. Watch this video and you get to see what viruses did how much damage and what they did back in the day:

    It's a rather interesting video. Also if you scroll down you'll find a comment stating that number 1 should've been Windows 10. Check how many people replying to it made their own comment about Windows 10.

    Now imagine how many times in the past computers have been attacked, even with a nuclear plant in Ohio almost going down because of a fucking computer virus, you'd think Microsoft would've gotten on top of the issue even before Windows 10 right? Nah, didn't happen. Never did, probably never will.

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