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[VEHICLE] [WIP] ProMod Stallion

  • ProMod Stallion by JRS86

    I've taken the Declasse Stallion and converted it into a ProMod Drag Stallion. I wanted to keep this as lore-friendly as possible, so the majority of the assets are all available in-game, minus the turbos, injector hat, and air filters (those are from 3d Warehouse, and have been altered/retextured to suit this car). The rear spoiler was built from scratch, and I'm not sure who the original author of the parachute pack is. The car still needs a quite a bit of work, but will have some really cool features (and a couple surprises!) when I release it next month.

    There's far too much to ramble on about, so I'll just try and make a quick list of all the main features, as well as some in-progress features:

    • 6 TURBOS, plumbed intercooler (w/air exchange & spray bar), wastegates, and open exhaust
    • Blower with carbon injector hat, (partially) working pulleys/belt
    • 4-speed transmission with an estimated 1/4-mile trap speed of 220mph! *
    • Fully-adapted engine bay and race interior w/PLENTY OF EASTER EGGS
    • Solid axle suspension w/small drag radials up front
    • 4-link suspension and huge drag slicks tucked into a tubbed rear end
    • Completely redesigned front clip (note the headlights and air exchange intakes!)
    • Customized engine sounds based off "tampa2", AUTHENTIC BLOWER SCREAM!
    • Multiple high-detail, lore-friendly liveries
    • Proper collision models and [somewhat] LODs
    • REALISTIC UNIVERSAL HANDLING!!! Vanilla or with Manual Trans & Steering Wheel mod!
    • Does a small wheelie in first/second gear, but stays aggressively planted as it should
    • Doesn't turn well at speed, but not easily susceptible to rollovers
    • Multiple extra parts (tunable parts to come later)

    *Based on using Sandy Shores main runway as a track

    Sorry for my shitass editing skills, I've no experience in it. I just wanted to make a semi-cool video to show off my project, and have shit sync up a bit.

    Song samples are from "Signs of Discontent" by Candiria

  • holy shit this is amazing

  • @shoostar Not a huge fan of modded Vanilla vehicles, but shit man! That is some quality stuff

  • Thank you, glad you guys like what you see so far. Please keep an eye out for its release in less than 2 weeks' time! :)

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