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  • I've heard that a recent update in GTA V, restricts the use of some mods in single-player, but why would they restrict graphics mods?

    If anyone knows how to install everything properly, I have TeamViewer 13 (free, non-commercial) and I'll no doubt pay you for assisting me and getting it to work.

    Another thing, after adding a mod (something to do w/ a Mercedes-Benz M63 AMG mod) I followed all the instructions, then when loading story mode, it'd crash and pop-up a window asking if I wanted to go into safe-mode (really low graphics, so no)

    I went to YouTube and found some videos saying use WINMD5 FREE to see if your x64*.rpf's are matched, and they were. (This was after verifying integrity of local game files through Steam)

    My GTA V is NOT illegal, I recently bought it for $19.79 as part of their sale on Steam during the week of ~20 June 2018.

    Someone help, as I will pay whoever assists me fully and gets my stuff working again.

    Preferrably without having to completely re-install GTA V. But at whatever cost, do at least get all my mods working or walk me through enough to help me get to that point.

    (BTW I'm new to this forum, just signed up, so if you could help I would EXTREMELY appreciate it, as I've wanted to mod my GTA V w/ NaturalVision Remastered ever since it was released)


    Edit: I installed a new gameconfig.xml. Just now the NaturalVision Remastered mod , LA Roads & LA Vegetation mods do NOT load for some reason. Help! I did get the game in Story Mode running correctly. (gameconfig.xml thanks to @Reacon )

  • @ABERRATION install a gameconfig, i recommend Dilapidated's. can be found on the main site!

    edit: also, i'm assuming you have a mods folder, correct?

  • @Reacon Is it for the newest version. Also can please check my recent post on reddit here?

    Also, yes I have a mods folder.

  • @ABERRATION yep, works on the newest version. now, did you install nvr etc to the mods folder?

  • @Reacon Yep. And I even watched 10+ videos. Apparently I did this correctly. Yet it's non-existent within gameplay.

  • @ABERRATION whats ur teamviewer id

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