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Posting Issues

  • I'm at the time thinking of making a vehicle mod for GTA V, and I would like to know if I will be able to post here, if I will not be banned in case post, because it is a slightly suspicious content ... haha

    I'm thinking of doing a "motorpenis", would it be prohibited to post this type of mod ??

    edit1: I forgot to ask you if you have some topic or video to help me, I want to do based on a bike, edit it, I will not do as an addon for now ... does anyone know how to totally modify the vehicle ?? If you know please send me a topic or video please (can be English or Portuguese)

    edit2: it would be like this T-Shirt

  • @jpploko Are you sick in the head? Aside from being repugnant, your lack of discretion is quite alarming. Take that trash somewhere else.

  • I'm sorry, it would be a vehicle of "joking" nothing very explicit, because the game has this comic tone, I asked before posting anything of the type just to have no problems later, if you do not understand the joke, I'm sorry.

  • up please

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