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  • I recently worked with a nice guy @Reacon who helped me get my game running again, but one of my issues was w/ NaturalVision. We got that to work essentially, but it looked bland because I didn't have ReShade.

    Now when I installed ReShade 3.1.2 / ReShade 3.4.0 (I have DirectX 11 as in game settings) I chose Open3D 10+ (I think that's what it's called)

    When game launched (w/o changing names of 3 files to "d3d11.*") it crashed the first attempt. I don't have ENB as it was something that continually crashed my game when I combined it w/ ReShade.

    The only 2 in-game overlays I have put to use (besides mods, which don't use Shift+F2) are the in-game Steam overlay (Shift+Tab) and my NVIDIA overlay (Ctrl. + Alt. + ` )

    Anytime I spam (whilst holding Shift down) F2, nothing shows. When game is launching after first install of ReShade 3.1.2 / ReShade 3.4.0, you'll see that common text "** preset files loaded" w/ other text. But the overlay doesn't register.

    I have TeamViewer 13 (free, non-commercial) and a PayPal to anyone that can help me (and/or) me & @Reacon figure this out and fix once and for all.

    Thank you.

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