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VehicleUpperLimit / Gameconfig

  • I'm trying to get a certain amount of vehicles to spawn at a given amount of time. Problem is that my game crashes anywhere from a few seconds to a few mins whenever I raise the VehicleUpperLimit anything above 250.

    I've tried raising the following:

    Raised by a few hundred to thousands and same results.

    Using a slightly modified version of Dilapidated gameconfig.
    Anyone knows why this is?

    Also, I've seen people all over this site with crashing issues related to gameconfig but no one has even posted a guide of any kind as to what the values do. Maybe we can make a thread and have everyone just post what little they know about the values there and combine everything after to help people as no one config seems to work for all.

  • @EvolutionXIII Well....you might want to start with responding to me from your other thread about CW Paths.

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